Volunteering Teams Arrive at LIAS Offices to Assist Affected Areas


The team of the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies (LIAS) received at dawn today, Saturday 16 September at its headquarters in Benghazi’s Gwarsha district, teams from Switch-Organization, the Libya Youth Union Council, and the Libya National Channel team.

These teams of volunteers arrived from all across the cities and regions of Libya, to rest, eat and sleep at the LIAS premises, and coordinate efforts before the journey toward supporting their brothers in Soussa, Shahat, and Derna. This team of volunteers will be adding support and assistance to technical and relief organisations already at these locations.

A session was also held today to acquaint the volunteers with each other and discuss the goals, principles and intentions of the efforts behind “Al-Fazaa”, its importance and necessity, along with their mission and the various organization serving the nation and investing in human resources in the country.